Saltworks School Assemblies

Believing that students can be
positively changed through
the power of live theatre

Bring a Saltworks play to your students and watch
them as they use their imagination to resolve conflict,
reach out for new healthy relationships, and discover
hope for their lives. Our professional actors come to
your school with shows on: bully prevention
(Grades K-5)
, bully prevention (Grades 6-12),
internet safety, substance abuse and peer pressure, teen gambling,
and a whole lot more.

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Saltworks Young Actors Studio

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Summer 2015 Acting classes.

The Young Actor's Studio is an opportunity for our young actors to stretch their performance skills to new levels. We offer acting classes, with opportunities to perform classic musical theatre, adaptations of popular children's books, and even original works.
What is Saltworks
Young Actor's Studio?

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Our school assemblies are performed by professional actors and run 45-50 minutes in length.

Saltworks travels throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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Here's what educators are saying about
Saltworks School Assemblies:

"Bullying is an issue that children deal with in all schools and the show highlighted simple ways that
students can apply to reduce bullying behaviors."
-Penn-Bernville ES

"Saltworks brings inspirational messages of hope and tangible skills for living a healthier, safer life."
-Pittsburgh Student
Services Offices

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Here's what parents are saying about
Acting Classes at Saltworks:

"Saltworks continues to be a fantastic experience. It boosts self-confidence, provides a great social atmosphere, and develops confidence speaking and performing in front of a large group."

"This is the camp my daughter always wants to take again every summer. I love that she is being exposed to Shakespeare or Greek myths."

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